Monday, August 31, 2009

Termanology In-store signing

Born and raised in Haverhill/Lawrence Termanology has been an underground sensation for years. Term is going to be at Underground Hip-Hop on 9/25 at 234 Huntington Ave, Boston for a cd signing. The following videos are off his new album Time Machine: Hood Politics VI which releases on 9/22. Make sure you roll through and show your support.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Local Old School

This is that nigga Ed O.G. (before he was on Special Teams) from Boston.

Bringing back the 80's

Designed with a a 80's inspired nylon upper and a leather swoosh. Look for these in stores January.

Nike Auto Force 180 QK “NY”

I have to say, this is the first time i seen a pair of Force 180's that i liked. The soles on these make it look a whole lot more wearable. I wonder how dudes will react if they see me wearing these with a Mets fitted on the streets of Boston. These are just one of the many Nike hybrids coming out this holiday season.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Reks- Pray for me

This video is 100% correct. Another local rapper from Lawrence, he has done alot of work with termanology and statik selektah. Check out his Grey Hairs album. Its hott from beginning to end.

Local Old School

This is before Boston rapper Krumb Snatcha fell off. Im sorry my dude but you aint as hott as you use to be.

Digital Underground- I get around

The Colorful 90's

True x New Era

San Francisco Boutique True has released this "sharpie tag" New Era fitted with the matching shirt. Available at midnight tonight on there website.

Original Fake x Kaws

Original Fake has teamed up with Kaws to release a set of Dissected Companion keyholders and the Undercover Bear Kaws Companion Toy. Not to long ago I did a post on the 4 foot Dissected companion and how limited it was. The Undercover Bear releases tomorrow in Tokyo as for the keyholders no release date as of yet. Via AnyTime.

Bape x Pokemon

Now dont front like yall wasnt into Pokemon. This is a dope concept though im definetly feeling this. Get yours HERE.

Subway World by. TORKEL SJöSTRAND

Written by
TORKEL SJöSTRAND, Subway World is a book based on graffiti on trains from all over the world. I have 2 reasons to get this. 1. Boston graffiti. I'm interested in what Boston artists got the honor to be featured in this book. 2. Dominican Graffiti. I lived in Dominican Republic (I'm Dominican) for a year and didn't see much graffiti and also didn't even notice any train lines so i gotta see this. Check out the interview with the author HERE.

Ipod Ghetto Blaster

An IPod Ghetto Blaster!? Im definetly feeling this. Made by Lasonic it Supports Ipod, SD cards, and USB port. Available at Honeyee

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Puma x Bode Hoodie

This is hilarious!! I love Bode's art but this hoodie is just too funny. It looks good for them cold ass winters here in Boston though. I give it that. Via Pickyourshoes

Upper Playground x Mr. Cartoon x Montana

Upper Playground has collided with west coast tattoo legend Mr.Cartoon and Montana. Via Upper Playground

Bigfoot x North Face

This is a must have in my books. I like the cartoony look and how the lime green compliments the brown so good. Too bad its only available in Asia, but i can actually see this selling better over there because of there taste and the dont-give-a-fuck style. Via Clout

Jon Naar x Stussy

Photographer Jon Naar has collaborated with Stussy on a collection of photoprint tees. The collection features Photos from Jon Naar's book 'The Faith In Graffiti' published in 1974. The 70's were the start of graffiti with people actually trying to get up. Its incredible how much street art has evolved in the years. Via Clout

Montana x Carhartt spray paint

Carhartt has collaborated with Montana Spray paint once again on this exclusive can. This is a 400ml hardcore can with the traditional carhartt orange. Only 1000 were made and it will be a nice collectors item. Available at Flagship carhartt stores. Via HighSnobiety

I gotta get these!!

This has an actual Pear inside.

These are definetly the best packaging and designs for a bottle. There made by MEXCOR, and they hold alot of awards for there work. Check out there other Liquors HERE.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cassette IPod case

Too bad these are only for IPod nano's.

Donald Duck is a Nazi?

This video is straight crazy. Goes to show how it was back then. If they even tried puttin this episode on tv, even on late night, it wouldnt happen. Plus this was a kids cartoon at the time...I love the past. Youtube these other WWII cartoon videos.You're a Sap, Mr. Jap

The Ducktators

Tokio Jokio

Scrap Happy Daffy

Blitz Wolf

Bonita Applebottom- A Tribe Called Quest

This is one of the hottest beats ever produced.

Check The Rhime- A Tribe Called Quest Throwback

All i got to say is Phife is a fuckin beast. Lata!

Me, Myself and I- De La Soul Throwback

I like this video because it basically tells you to be yourself and not a follower. De La keeps it real with there Native Tongues.

The Shit Is Real- Fat Joe Throwback

Monday, August 24, 2009

Inter Breed

This is an interesting T-shirt. This is done by a Japanese clothing company. I don't know much about this company but i know they did a collabo with New Era for a GZA fitted. I like the comic book look and if you look closely you can see the W's.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Banner in the making

Im in the process of creating my banner for my page cause the shit looks too fuckin plain. I havent had an idea for one until now so be ready to be awed..well maybe not awed but it'll be nice.

Tits x Kicks

This is a set-up that the boys over at Tit's do every month. They match up some of the hottest kicks out with some of there hottest T-shirts out. Which get up u think goes best? Get your Tits on!!

The Hundreds x SE Bikes

Another job well done by SE Bikes. This time they collaborated with The Hundreds in this exclusive 26" PK Ripper. They even put out some Tee's to go along with the bike. Available for $650 if you find one, only 300 made.